Writing for Good for Me

Younger, I’d spend hours and hours forming another, better world in which I could imagine up a storyline I yearned for my reality.


There are many reasons to get back to writing that excite me in a truly exciting way! Roni of ronisweigh.com inspires me in how successfully she used blogging to improve her life in many ways. I relate a lot to her story and predict part of what worked for her will in some way help me. Also, Lauren Jawno of Change4Good has delivered very helpful guidance, one of which is the way writing and tracking can keep you aware and accountable.

Lauren really lit a fire inside me, too, about the possibilities for someone like me who has loved writing all my life and is naturally very analytical with a developed ability to be concise (when I need to be!). She alone inspired renewed passion for writing and research and, well, a brand new hobby with this blog! I needed one and I’m quite enjoying this one so far.

In my experience, writing is a fun puzzle. Playing with the words and format to get the message just the way I want feels like creativity and accomplishment. Even with presentation slides, memos, simple emails, I indulge often in using the writing as a craft, a game (an art, if you will, but I won’t dare!).

It has long seemed a natural gift for me to write for my family and friends, making them smile and know how much I care by the way I write out meditations or fortune telling or memoirs. And don’t get me started on the pleasure of helping my boyfriend write an essay!

I gave up writing about my mood disorders years ago because it started to feel self-indulgent, redundant, useless, boring. My mental health is dynamic, though, and I am unique despite there always being someone with a more interesting, more impressive story and talent. I still deserve to process my emotions at my own pace and express them in my own way. Or so I tell myself right now… we’ll see if I keep listening.


I am on Day 2 of a daily healthy behaviours checklist:

  • 30-60 minutes of moderate cardio;
  • 3 portioned balanced meals, 2 snacks;
  • Take all pills and supplements; and,
  • Write for at least 10 minutes

So, that is why I have started this blog. I’m not sorry to say it’s mostly all about me. I am hesitantly hopeful though I’ll connect with many others out there like Roni for mutual support and learning.

And most optimistically of all, I aim to provide what I have labeled: “100% in 1%” meaning I’ll condense 100% of a resources key information into just 1% of the size. There isn’t anyone I know who isn’t very busy and the majority of them are interested in personal health and self improvement, so I do hope my analytical approach (or rather anal approach…) can benefit others.

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4 thoughts on “Writing for Good for Me

  1. I bet those 10 minutes devoted to writing will turn into hours. That’s what happens when you make a small commitment. If it’s something you are meant to do and want to do you’ll lose time once you get started. Happens to me all the time. 🙂


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