These are a few of my favourite meals


Fruit Parfaits are simply the best way to balance taste and health in the morning. They’re also pretty convenient to prepare in advance or grab from a store on the run. Although I enjoy layers, I enjoy saving time more so my parfaits are just the ingredients mixed in a bowl with some health tweaks. Since eggs don’t suit me, Greek yogurt is my best breakfast source of protein: normally 30g for 250 calories when combined with strawberries and Kashi Go Lean. 


The Salad and Sandwich combo is very satisfying, though I’ll often have them as full separate meals. I happen to strongly prefer turkey avocado sandwiches and salads with tons of fruit and nuts, though a big simple salad with olive oil and lime juice or balsamic vinaigrette also works just fine. Cilantro is excellent for a splash of taste and extra nutrition. The basic salad would be about 100 calories, 10g healthy fat, and tons of veggie benefits.


Stir-fry’s are foundational to most of my dinners (and leftovers for lunch). Toss in chicken, turkey, steak, ground beef with a veggie or two with some spice and you’re good to go. If you’re keeping carbs low at the time, this is great on its own, perhaps with taco seasoning, Mrs Dash, or soy sauce. Oftentimes it ends up in a wrap I find scrumptious with guacamole. I like it over red quinoa’s nutty heartiness, too. The latter works out to around 300 calories and 25g protein – just right in my book.

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