Body Type Exercise Myths & Tricks

I’ll admit I am one of those people who gets excited about new ideas in exercise and nutrition. I can’t help but think maybe there’s something I’m missing: maybe bread really should be avoided completely, maybe running and heavy weight lifting really does bulk up legs for some people. I also am fond of saying “I’m just not a runner” because although I have jogged 5K it’s a lot of work that never felt natural; or, “my torso is abnormally; thus, I’m good at squats.

Are you ready for my latest? Tracy Anderson. She’s a celebrity trainer with her own Method designed for a lean, toned body and customized to 4 different body types. Now I only have the hip-centric version and I’m more omni-centric (I gain and lose all over) but I’ve done her workouts twice and I like the soreness I get from pilates-dance-like movements. In fact, I was so sore and tired I sat on a bench while my boyfriend jogged and will likely count his pushups from the couch later. I’ve been trolling the web seeing if Tracy Anderson’s claims are actually valid… no consensus yet. I am enjoying the detective work though.

The idea of different needs for different body types is fascinating to me. Clearly there are people with different builds, different metabolisms, but does that mean certain kinds of diets and workouts work better or worse as a result? If only it were that simple, I know. Trial and error is the most frustrating process. I suspect food intolerances, dairy specifically, but the idea of going through an elimination diet and experimentation phase with detailed tracking… it’s not only time-consuming but also restrictive which is an approach I’m avoiding now that I realize my binge eating problems need a different approach.

My body type is in between hourglass and rectangular, which are the most popular and most common respectively. Body Type CollageAn interesting online calculator determined I was spoon shaped. I’m likely an endomorph because I’m curvy but gain both fat and muscle relatively easily… What do you think? It seems to be the least popular but I wouldn’t mind having the genetic makings for a Kate Winslet body! I’ve searched for recommendations based on my “findings,” but they seem pretty generic to me: cardio to keep fat levels healthy, toning exercises for defined curves, frequent small meals… Is it bullshit to categorize body types and associate different guidelines accordingly?

I believe the only way healthy living needs to be customized it to unusual needs, such as a vitamin deficiency, and personal preferences. The more enjoyable exercise and pleasurable healthy food is most likely to build health and happiness now and long-term. I will listen to my own advice. I spend too much time searching for the very best thing I can do for my personal health, when I could be doing something I like and something that benefits me, and then move on to other things I like or need to do.

I enjoy dancing – I’ll dance today with the first tutorial/video of interest and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to do it again. I like challenging myself with slower yoga or pilates so they’ll add variety. All safe movement is good for me, my body and my mind, particularly my depressed mind. 

I like carbs; I like soft bread; I love sweet fruit. I like them too much most often, but mindful eating allows me to enjoy two pieces of bread and then move on not needing to eat the whole loaf (not an uncommon occurrence I assure you). I’m still figuring out what works best for me, but an eating disorder motto I’m learning very gradually is that no food is bad food; it can all be a part of a healthy, normal diet.


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