It’s My Party and I’ll Avoid the Party if I Want To

If I’m throwing a party, it’s not for me. My mom taught me the birthday party is for everyone else, and of course the wedding is for the mother… The food is for the majority: my brother got birthday cake every year even though he never wanted to eat it. The events are all about entertaining and pleasing the guests. I know my smile needs to make frequent wide appearances; my tired eyes can’t give me away. The goal is for everyone to leave feeling they had a good time at my party.

Or it’s a party for two. My birthday present last year was a luxurious night at a posh hotel downtown with my boyfriend, safe away from any semblance of a party. The food was a maple glazed salmon with a cheesy rice dish via room service – and lots and lots and lots of chocolates and candies. And I drank lots of water. We went to a movie, one of my favourite things, and so of course we watched another movie in the room later that night. The room was expansive, lush, with a king bed and soaker tub. Party favours were remaining candy I brought to the theatre the following day. Mmm that was top ten the best day of my life.

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