How to Binge According to Tim Ferriss (Book Summary)

Tim Ferris already does an amazing job of condensing key info so I won’t summarize his whole book The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman. However, I find his advice on how to binge one day a week very interesting. His main recommendations follow:

1. Minimize insulin release by blunting jumps in blood sugar.

  • First meal of the day should have 30+ grams of protein with insoluble fibre, i.e. legumes. This is the only meal that won’t be a binge; it will be closer to 300-500 calories.
  • Consume a small amount of grapefruit juice before the second meal for its fructose.
  • Consume lime or lemon juices for citrus.

2. Consume caffeine (100-200 mg or 1-2 cups of coffee) with the biggest binges to help empty the GI quickly.

3. Do 60-90 seconds of muscular contractions (i.e. squats or even just tensing leg muscles while sitting) before and after eating. This is expected to help fuel muscle instead of fat.

Bonus: cultivate healthy gut flora with fermented foods and probiotics.

Another option too is to check out the Amazon eBook Bites Book Summary for just $3. I haven’t read it myself but it seems like a cool idea.


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