Why I Eat Well

By committing to a healthy lifestyle that suits me, I’m accepting that I am a valuable person worthy of my attention and care. My body is not a vessel – it interacts with my mood and intellect and personality; it is a part of me of infinite value.

When I put others’ needs first, I’m indirectly telling myself I come second. When I give up on my health goals, I’m giving up on myself, sending the message that I’m not worth it.

By appearing healthy, I want to send the message to the world that I matter; I take care of myself; I’m capable. By putting my health ahead of a friend’s desire to eat junk, I’m taking control of my own life. When my behaviour in public and in private is congruent, I am authentic; I am complete.

IMAG1330Eating fresh, wholesome meals makes me feel fresh and whole. It leaves me light and fuelled. I feel good about eating healthy food before, during, and afterward. I feel proud to take care of myself. Sometimes it feels good to eat unhealthy food, but most of the time I feel defeated, out of control, stuffed, lethargic… not good. The more I remember that, the more of a habit healthy behaviour becomes.

When I am attuned to my needs and desires, and rationally satisfy them with earnest effort, I am proud and self-fulfilled. I am present and capable of true joy. It is not about good food or bad food, but about behaviour that makes me feel good or bad about myself. I choose to feel good.


4 thoughts on “Why I Eat Well

  1. banishingpcos says:

    I wish I would repeat this to me every single day. Reaffirmations work they say. Binge Eating, God I am so sick of it,


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