SMART Health Goals Progress Update

I have now completed 9 days in my checklist of SMART goals for physical and mental health. Although I’m still struggling a lot overall, I’m proud to be doing well with these specific goals. It reminds me I’m capable of improving myself and, just as importantly, I’m able to at the same time experience “failure” without allowing it to take away (too much) from my other qualities and achievements.


My 6 SMART goals for the past 9 days and the 12 more days to come follow:

  1. Protein: I make sure to get 30 g with breakfast every morning, often Greek yogurt with raw vegan protein powder or sometimes a salsa egg wrap. The aim to start my day with satisfaction and long-lasting fuel. Since dairy makes me congested and eggs make me feel queasy, I don’t have much variety here. Still, I’ve met this goal every day.
  2. Exercise: I complete a total of 30 minutes exercise, usually yoga, Tracy Anderson, Pinterest workout videos, or just extra walking. The idea is to build strength and flexibility. I get anxious for these sessions to end but I’ve met the goal even if I had to count bachelorette party belly dancing.
  3. Walk: I walk for at least 30 minutes (about 5,000 steps) daily, usually in 2-4 smaller sessions due to my fatigue. The purpose is to get out, move, be active throughout the day. I can get a bit anxious about the step count because I use my phone so it’s not the most accurate… this is the only one I didn’t fully meet once because I didn’t make enough time for it.
  4. Meditate: I take 10 minutes every day to sit quietly focused on my breath, currently using Headspace to relax without food. I only added this the past 5 days (it was a more general goal earlier) and it’s challenging but I’m making progress.
  5. Write: I spend at least 10 minutes writing down my thoughts and feelings, sometimes on this blog, sometimes in a workbook, to manage my emotions without food. This one is sometimes the easiest, sometimes the hardest because it depends on desire.
  6. Puzzles: I do Lumosity or another stimulating game to engage and entertain myself without food. This isn’t always as fun or as focusing as I’d hoped, but it works and I think it’s good to regularly exercise my brain this way.

I’ve also signed up for a SparkPeople team and StickK commitment to keep accountable, on top of this blog and Twitter. Everything is set up for success!


5 thoughts on “SMART Health Goals Progress Update

  1. 9 days going strong. You’re doing great. Those are great goals. I remember when I started my journey I had a lot of similar goals, especially to just get moving and to address some issues, like my anxiety and depression. There are times now when I would benefit from going back to those basic goals I had. Keep moving forward, it’s a journey with it’s ups and downs. You’re off to a great start!


  2. My goals for anxiety and depression were first to get healthy and lose weight. When I started, I thought a big part of being depressed was beating myself up for being overweight. But that’s really only a part. I started following the ACT method, which is acceptance and commitment therapy. I have some books and a workbook, but there’s also tons of information and exercises on the web. So my goals were to also practice those exercises. They involve things like mindfulness (really good for anxiety) and choosing to live life according to your values. So for me, I value being healthy, so my goal of losing weight and exercising was a good one that lets me live according to what I value, thus you feel good about yourself. You have a good self-esteem knowing you are doing what you value. If you have never tried ACT check it out. It has really helped me a lot, but everyone is different. My workbook started out showing me that all the stuff I was doing for depression wasn’t working, but maybe even making it worse. That was so good for me to work through those exercises to see that and to be ready to try a new approach.

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