Interview Tips

With a Master’s degree in Human Resources and experience in recruitment and selection, you’d think I’m an expert on interviews. I do enjoy sharing advice – though I have to say I’m just like anyone else in that I still get nervous and I still make mistakes! That said, I have a few tips that have helped me and may help you too.

  1. You’ve probably heard you need to research the company and there’s no underestimating the importance of this. Browse the company website (investor, career, and about pages are good), search for recent news (but don’t bring up anything negative in the interview), and even look through sites like Glassdoor or the Vault. I even search LinkedIn. You want to show you’re interested and informed, that you take initiative and take the opportunity seriously.
  2. Create a matrix listing rows of position requirements with columns of experiences demonstrating your qualifications. Think through the Situation – your Actions – and Results (the “so what?”) for each. Not only are behaviour-based questions best-practice, answering other questions with evidence of your strengths makes a great impression.
  3. Prepare questions to ask about the position, employer, and interviewer. Most people prefer to have somewhat of a back and forth conversation where appropriate – when they ask if you have questions, that’s your chance to ask their views on the organizational culture or what they want to see from you if you fill the position.
  4. Most interviewers respond best to relaxed professional body language. You want good posture – you don’t want to cross your legs nor do you want to be as rigid as a board – and hold eye contact until a thought is completed. Smile politely and joke positively to develop rapport. Take the lead from your interviewer’s demeanour, though, because your perception of confident behaviour may not match their’s and frankly, their perception matters here.

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