A Watched Pot

A watched pot never boils… but if a tree falls and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

It may not sound like a lot, but I’m happy to have 103 followers on WordPress and 650 followers on Twitter. Suddenly, though, I’m more aware other people may actually read what I write. And I want them to like what they read because, well, who wants the opposite? It’s a little bit restraining when I sit down to write and wonder first what would be interesting to others rather than focus on my actual purpose.

I started blogging to reinvigorate my love for writing and share my love for reading in an anonymously public way to keep accountable without keeping a filter. Tentatively, I told a few people that I was writing a blog but didn’t share the address because I wanted to keep the feeling of freedom to write whatever I want to write without considering how it would impact how friends see me. There are some things better kept private or a mystery, at least in some relationships.

It makes me feel good when someone reads my blog, likes it, comments… but if they don’t, so what? I still benefited from writing, so that’s what I’ll keep doing. But please keep reading anyway 😉



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