Tracy Anderson Method Days 2-6

In 5 days on the Tracy Anderson Method, my weight has dropped from 168.6 to 162.8 pounds and the scale says my body fat percentage has gone down with it! I feel very good about what I’ve accomplished already. I did just under an hour of intense sweaty burning exercise 6 days in a row and I’ve been committed to the meal plan.

It’s been tough, though not exactly in the ways I expected. I knew the cardio would be very difficult so the first day, I just did as much as I could, which was 15 of the 29 minutes. Each day thereafter, I’m proud to say I’ve added one minute more, plus two minutes at the very end. So today, Day 6, I completed 22 minutes of jumping nearly non-stop. It’s very challenging, but each extra minute has been doable when I make it a must. 

I thought the toning, the muscular structure workout, would become easier as I grew more familiar with the movements. I improved over the first few days, but today I regressed a bit taking several big breaks and really half-assing the final set of reps. I felt like I just couldn’t do more. I know I could, though, because I did just yesterday. I think part of it was fatigue from a long day yesterday and a generally lower mood today than the previous 5 days. I have to remember why I’m doing this and insist on a regular habit to achieve those results.  

Now, the diet was the area where I anticipated the most trouble but it’s been a breeze compared to the exercise. Sure, a few of the meals haven’t been very unappetizing, but I haven’t really been hungry and I haven’t really had cravings – which quite rare for this Miss Emotional Eater. I’ve even gone out with friends a couple times and watched everyone else eat while I sit there with my water, not hungry, only feeling a little weird. Still, I haven’t been able to be 100% because of mistakes I’ve made with grocery shopping, cooking, and understanding the portions from the book. 

Thank God tomorrow is a rest day from exercise! I need it! It’s so hard I’ve contemplated a few times trying something less intensive, more diet-based, but then I recommit to the original minimum 30 days. One thing I’m changing is from the book’s meal plan to the Metamorphosis dynamic eating plan. The biggest frustration with the diet has been unclear portions and wasteful ingredients, which doesn’t look to be an issue with Metamorphosis. I’m excited to make that component easier (and have chocolate every day for the first week) plus hopeful the rest day will help me get back to progress with the exercise.


5 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Method Days 2-6

  1. hi, i have found tracy about 20 months ago, and i don’t want to miss her. back then, i was working in retail and was on my feet the whole day. over time, my back took quite a beating. so, if i got slack on ding tracy, i would instantly feel it in my back again. a good incentive, because some days i just dont feel like doing anything. I started with literally 15 min structure work a day, and people noticed. i got quite a few compliments. it was when i did the full program though, 30min and 30 min, that the weight really dropped off. girls came up to me wanting to know my secret. especially my upper thighs, which had always been my problem area, began to shrink. I went from an L to maybe an S, sometimes XS. its amazing. It took maybe a full six months for it to take place, especially since i started with only a little time on tracy every day, but that way it now is a habit which i dont want to miss. keep up the good work, you will not regret it!=)


    • That’s amazing, congratulations! Your success is very inspiring. I was really pushing myself to get 22 minutes of cardio but I’ve been alternating with freestyle lately because I don’t want to dread it… I think I’ll progress more gradually shove I’m still getting results. I can’t wait until I’m many months in like you! Did you just really focus on good form so your back didn’t hurt?


      • to be honest, i slipped a disc since i was not careful doing the exercises. we have our telly on the wall, so i lifted my head in a wrong angel, combined with my retail job, led to my back injury. afterwards i knew i had a choice. of course i wanted to shy away from exercising, but, i got back into it (after 2 weeks of real hard opiate drugs…) and i soon realized that i would feel my back hurting if i neglected exercising for more than two days. but, that was kinda my second motivation. the first reason was that i wanted to prove to myself that i could stick with something. seeing that discipline was never my strong suit, i wanted to prove to myself that i can be disciplined by sticking with something. thats why i started with 15min a day, since that was realistic. as i notice the changes all round, i upped the dosis, so to speak. but i never wanted to have as a movtivation just being slim or whatever. i have a history of eating disorder, and even though i know the disorder is a symptom of something deeper, and had been dealt with over teh years, i did not want to tempt my body again into obsessing over something.
        but, the happy hormones released during the cardio are something i really don’t want to miss. if i dont exercise, i eat tons of chocolate, which i believe to be due to the fact, that chocs, like exercise, release happy hormones, so if my body goes without its own natural happyhormones, it goes getting it elsewhere.
        i srsly love tracy anderson and hope one day i get to tell her in person. here are a few links that helped me


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