Tracy Anderson Method Day 11

Today marks the last of 10 days on the first level of Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis muscular structure workout. I pushed myself to do all the reps without pausing! I’m proud I achieved that goal. You do each level 10 times, so tomorrow I’m up to level two. 

However… I didn’t do the cardio workout. I walked about 10,000 steps instead. I didn’t even want to dance my own dance or listen to music at all today; I was not feeling it. So today also marks my first real rebellion on this program. I’m a bit nervous because Tracy warns all three components must be done together. On the other hand, I don’t want to do the cardio dance for a long time haha. I think I’ll push myself to do the two more days at least.

It’s also tough eating the same thing for the past four days. I’m not looking forward to another three days of these meals and I’m considering tweaking them just to get through… I plan to transition into an intuitive eating approach, but I may plan out the first day to not be radically different. There shall be no puree, of this I am certain!

My mood has been lower today with feelings of apathy and depression. I nearly didn’t workout at all and wanted desperately to have a bowl of mangos instead of a bowl of soup. I didn’t even feel like writing a blog post but knew I’d feel better once I did. And I do. 

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