2 Weeks In & 10 Pounds Down with Tracy Anderson

In 2 weeks of Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis exercise and diet, I have lost 9.6 pounds! According to my weight scale’s body fat estimate, about 5 of those pounds have been fat loss (the remainder likely water weight, bloat I’m just as happy to lose). I also reduced my waist by 1.5 inches, my thighs by 1.5 inches, my chest by 2 inches, my hips by 2 inches, and my arms by 0.5 inches each. I’m very happy with the results!

159 progress

I hear most people say the diet is the hardest part, but the exercise has been hardest for me. My energy is still pretty low. Which is not to say the diet was easy – there were times I didn’t want to eat the same pureed carrots as yesterday and times when I wanted to indulge in extra chocolate. I was able to remind myself of my goals, though, and there was no rationalizing an unhealthy decision. Now that I’ve decided to go off the Tracy Anderson diet, it’s even more difficult to resist those temptations. I already had two bowls of mangos and pistachios.

The Tracy Anderson program definitely works, but I’m not sure at what cost… besides which, I worry this is yet another “crash diet” that will only result in regained weight “and then some.” Still, I’m committed to being healthy so I’m hopeful.


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