Fail Often to Succeed Sooner

Have you ever looked back on a failure or tough time and saw how it ended up benefiting you? I was upset with myself for waiting longer than others to apply for post-graduation jobs, but that left me open and eager to apply for the best position I could have hoped to land.

In fact, we learn much more from failure than success. We pause and analyze to do better next time.

It’s difficult to see the silver linings and anticipate greatness in the future when you’re in the moment that you didn’t get the job or you didn’t get the girl. But optimism is imperative, because only those who pick themselves back up and keep trying are the ones who will get success.

If a person or organization aims to achieve success, risk of failure cannot be avoided. Rather, it’s often necessary. It took Thomas Edison 9,000 tries before inventing the light bulb. The trick is to take risks of productive failure rather than risk fundamental errors. And take small risks at first.


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