Make New Habits Stick

Change is essential for personal fulfillment and business success. If you aren’t changing, you’re falling behind. Yet change usually feels unnatural and rarely goes smoothly, if not backfire. 

To change something meaningful, it usually comes down to simple habit changes – though their simplicity should not be mistaken for ease. Eating less to lose weight seems simple enough until you try it unprepared – not to mention sticking to the new habit. Still, the profound impacts of losing weight come from small everyday decisions. 

In Industry Week, David Fields presents the CUBEST acronym for making change stick: 

  • Concrete actions, examples, events, images, or events stick better than abstract ideas.
  • Usefulness must be obvious and greater than the reasons old behaviours took place.
  • Believable rationale is proven and trusted to continue long-term.
  • Envisionable plans capture a story with emotional impact that people want to share.
  • Simple outcomes, actions, and approaches are easily seen and put into place.
  • Time appropriate for making change, and reinforcement for at least 9 months.

A person’s habits have physically changed their brain, strengthening neural connections supporting the behaviour and weakening unused connections. Patience, thus, is imperative to go against something so ingrained. But change is certainly possible. 

Often all it takes is forcing the changed behaviour often enough to create new neural connections. And the reward upon success is worth it. The new intentional habit will be performed with little conscious thought or effort. 

So keep consistent and make it sticky!


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