Letting Go of Feeling Let Down

You know when two of your friends meet each other and you feel responsible for them liking one another? Or is that just me?

Last night, I met up with friends for dinner at 7:30. The fifth friend arrived at 8:30, inebriated. He then proceeded to make very loud statements with grandiose hand gestures. He also decided to keep going with whisky and beer. Leaving the restaurant, he was literally fall-down drunk.

I felt disrespected and taken for granted. It didn’t seem like he cared as much as I did for him and for the discomfort he was causing those around him. I was able to laugh – he was a funny spectacle – but I had to tell him I was hurt because I don’t want that to happen again.   

You know that progressive relaxation technique of tightening and relaxing each muscle? I do that with feelings. I sit with my thoughts to understand why I’m upset, really feeling the hurt all over again, and decide what I want to do about it. Once I talk about it once, I try not to bring it up or let it bother me anymore. 

I’ve already made a joke to him about his antics, but I honestly feel ok about the whole thing now. After all, though I always want everyone to feel comfortable, other people’s emotions and actions are not my responsibility. 

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