Empower the Best of Your People by Decoding Your Company

If you’ve read my blog, you know how interested I am in the Quantified Self: from schedule planning to pedometers. I also use the Sleep as Android app on my phone, as well as a heart rate variability biofeedback tool called emWave. Knowing I’m being measured motivates me to take those extra steps and get to bed on time. Furthermore, it gives me invaluable feedback about me, specifically me, so I can tweak, for instance, when I have coffee or how much time I set aside for a task in the future.

Recently, I read about the Decoded Company, which is talent-centric, data-driven, flexible, and fast – essentially, continuously improving for its employees using something of a “Quantified Organization” approach, if you will.

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Boost Your Brain: Boost Your Body, by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. (Mar. 15, 2010)

This is a great summary of Dr. Amen’s recommendations for healthy eating. I especially like the prescription for specific brain types and the list of the best 50 foods.

My Journey to Lean

So, I’m sick, and stuck in front of the TV between favorite shows, and the only channel that’s coming in clearly is an educational program called “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” by Dr. Daniel G. Amen of The Amen Clinic. This one caught my interest though. Primarily, he talks about taking fish oil supplements and exercising daily. Here are his top 10 subjects from his book (and his seminar):

1. Boost Your Brain to Lose Your Belly. When it comes to the brain, size matters.

2. Know Your Motivation: have a burning desire to be healthy — family, friends, etc. No amount of cheeseburgers, double fudge brownies, etc., is worth losing time with my family. Sugar and fat act on the brain’s addiction center.

3. Know Your Brain Type:

  • The Compulsive Overeater (stuck on thought of food, feel no control, worry, trouble sleeping, night time feedings, lower levels of…

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Rapid Fat Loss Program – My boyfriend lost 50 lbs!

Over four months, my boyfriend lost 50 lbs using Lyle McDonald‘s Rapid Fat Loss diet. It’s a Protein Sparing Modified Fast. He ate a LOT of lean meat, very few carbs, and huge cheat meals twice a week – I’m talking 6 beers, McDonald’s, and candy.

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Stress, Illness & Lost Productivity to the Modern “Typical Work Day”

According to Towers Watson, 89% of us feel our workloads are excessive, on top of which 64% of us experience undefined work hours due to technology. The typical work day is more than demanding – it’s draining and unhealthy for a typical person.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health cites anxiety, depression, and disease as a result of workers feeling overworked and pressured. Both Manulife and Morneau Shepell add that mental illness disorders account for 25% of short term disability incidents, and 35% of long term disability. 

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Privacy in the age of blogs and smartphones

Once upon a time, a young girl started a personal blog to air out all the emotions and judgements inside, the embarrassing parts she would never share openly in real life. Blogs, as it turns out, though, are in real life. Her boyfriend, testing out Google Image Search, found her blog. He read everything and then texted her “we need to talk.” 

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