Eating Away Migraines

I’ve had a headache pretty much non-stop since puberty. It’s in the background of everything I think or do. My only respite is the perfect combination of ibuprofen, candy, a movie, and a good hug. My triggers for a higher level of headache include florescent lights, computer screens, noise, even just having to concentrate for too long. In those cases, my vision blurs and I get so irritated I need to curl up in a dark quiet room for hours. It takes a lot out of me, too, so I’m exhausted for the rest of the day.

I tell every health professional about my headaches. They recommend I drink more water even though I already drink so much friends tease me about it (and no, I don’t have diabetes). My search for an underlying cause has led me down a lot of paths and to a lot of bloodwork. Now I’m hoping I may have found my answer in Migraine Miracle by Josh Turknett MD.

And so, I’m starting tomorrow on a plan to get me through the first 10 days of avoiding added sugar, dairy, and gluten. The meal plan is from The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. I’ll then add each back in one at a time to test if my headaches correlate. My dream is that I can identify a big cause, say, chocolate, and I will happily forgo my beloved chocolate if it means no headaches. The tricky part is getting through the withdrawal period when the pain actually gets worse, while at the same time losing my main source of comfort for just such occasions. I suspect sugar addiction so this will be tough, but it’s definitely doable and I believe it will be worth it.

I’m very hopeful this will be a launch into forward progress for a happy, healthy life full of energy and free from debilitating pain. It would also be nice if I trimmed down a bit in the process… Today, I bought all the ingredients for 5 days of homemade meals. I spent $100 (though to be fair, I bought a lot more than I’ll need for each recipe due to package sizes). I’m used to eating convenience foods (i.e. yogurt) or preparing the same simple meals (i.e. stir-fry) all the time, but I’m hoping the extra time required to cook will actually help distract from the discomfort of the transition. I know from the past that I do feel lighter and appreciate natural flavours more when I eat well, too. Clearly, I have a lot of anticipation and hope. If nothing else, though, this experience can once and for all prove to myself whether I need to avoid added sugar, dairy, or gluten completely.


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