Sugar-free for 10 days, baby!

Well, I’ve accomplished the 10 days without sugar as I set out to do! I was hopeful I’d feel a lot better by now, but years of sugar overload and current issues with stress management are suspected obstacles. I think my congestion is better, but not gone. I may be the tiniest bit more resilient because I persevered through some tough days at work, but the fatigue and headaches are as heavy as ever. I think my skin is clearer…

I told myself I could indulge Wednesday night after the 10 days. I thought this might be a test to see if I can handle a weekly sweet treat with added sugar. I also thought this could be something of a carb refeed because I’ve read women can be especially sensitive to low carb. I bought strawberries, coconut cream, and I already had sugar-free dark chocolate. I had a good portion but decided to have another… and then another. And then I dove into the Brazil nuts. I ate too much but at least it was high quality food. I’m going to try for a few weeks to make this indulgence meal work for me.

By the way, I got really excited reading The Migraine Miracle by Josh Turknett when he mentioned always being thirsty despite drinking a lot of water – beside headaches, this has worried me since puberty. I’m excited to have a possible answer: it may be a sign of disordered homeostatic regulation, or in other words, a malfunctioning hypothalamus. The book states the hypothalamus is the likely source of migraines. It’s expecting the body to act as it has for most of human history, i.e. hunter-gatherers sleeping and waking with the sun, but instead we demand more from it to balance our blood sugars despite sending them on a roller coaster with the way we eat nowadays.

Another book I’m reading is The Wild Diet by Abel James. The book talks a lot about things I’ve already read and believe, i.e. processed food is proven unhealthy while unprocessed saturated fats are not. It’s telling how restrictive I’ve been thinking when I’m amazed he recommends sweet potato, yogurt, even banana after a workout. He even offers occasional treats like a weekly high quality indulgent meal or, instead, ad-hoc “imperfection” 10% of the time.

I’m feeling a bit nauseous and unsatisfied (though not hungry) on Dr. Hyman’s program, so I’m considering incorporating the Wild Diet as follows:

  • Cooking fats: ghee, coconut oil, or fat of grass-fed animals
  • Cold fats: avocado, olive oil, fish oils, or a handful of nuts
  • 50-130g protein (at least a few bites at each meal): meat, fish, eggs – even sometimes organic yogurt, goat cheese, and lentils soaked overnight
  • 50-100g net carbs (mostly in the evening): veggies and 1-2 servings of berries – even sometimes boiled sweet potato and whole grains like rice

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