Not peanut butter, not noodle cold sesame peanut butter noodles (Paleo, Whole30, AIP*)

A great way to use my new beloved spiralizer 🙂


It was my birthday last week and the gifts keep rolling in. Some girls might want jewelry or clothes, (not that I don’t like jewelry and clothes!) but I get pretty excited when kitchen gadgets are dropped off at my door. First it was my Vitamix 2 years ago, then came my Instant Pot this past Christmas, and now I finally got the spiralizer I’ve been wanting! I wasted no time getting to work, searched in my fridge for something to noodlefy, found a cucumber and made this scrumptious dish!

As my long time readers know, I try to reinvent recipes to fit my nutritional parameters. Typical cold sesame noodles have grains, gluten, sugar, soy, and legumes – all items I don’t eat and none of which are in this equally delicious recipe I whipped up today.

I’m calling this Not peanut butter, not noodle peanut butter noodles -aka…

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