Sugar-free – Week 3 – Iron Will

Last Saturday night, I was at a BQQ serving hot dogs. I felt like a jerk saying I didn’t want the hot dogs, but I didn’t want to waste an indulgence on something I didn’t really want. In fact, I didn’t want an indulgence at all. So, I went off to get something healthier, but the steak salad I got from a nice restaurant was likely cooked in vegetable oil (not to mention the deep fried onions), the steak was obviously not grass-fed, and the salad dressing certainly contained sugar. I did control the things I could: I didn’t have my usual fruit and nuts dessert and left the BBQ around 10 to keep my sleep schedule relatively healthy.

I feel like I did everything right for a few days this week but I guess one day at a time doesn’t necessarily show immediately. On Monday, I had a bunch of Brazil nuts to compensate for the lunch and cupcakes and cake I had to turn down all day. Brazil nuts, it turns out, are pretty deadly for me. Instead of cupcakes at the party, I had a good conversation with someone who’s also had chronic low iron (my ferritin is 9 and has only been in the healthy range on one test over the last decade). All my headaches and fatigue and cognitive fuzz she attributed to my iron deficiency because as soon as she got iron injections, she got past all that. She’s also gluten-free to absorb the iron better. I’m excited about the potential of injections because supplements can take years to fix the symptoms… but I also hate needles so I’m a bit hesitant. Maybe I’ll up my food (lean ground beef coconut wraps with strawberry dessert being my favourite) and EasyIron supplement attack then get tested in 6-8 weeks before I ask my doctor for that because she’s very mainstream and doubtful of issues I bring up with her like hormonal imbalance.

This whole week was pretty tough. I’m stressed again about doing things wrong or late or being asked questions I don’t know the answers to yet. I still occasionally indulge in strawberries and nuts. I’m not quite sure how to tackle this problem. Do I try cutting these foods out entirely? Limiting to exactly 1-2 servings per day? Allowing myself to eat the foods I crave as long as they’re unprocessed healthy foods?

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