Triggers: Creating Behaviour Change That Lasts

This book by Marshall Goldsmith has been on my library queue for awhile and so it was a delight to find it ready and waiting to devour. This guy’s one of the most respected executive coaches for CEOs and thought leaders, which makes his premise of  “Becoming the Person You Want to Be” a bit less unbelievable. Unfortunately… life got in the way and the ebook expired. So, here’s a glimpse at the beginning of this really interesting just no longer available to me book:

The first step is accepting that lasting meaningful change is hard. The next is overcoming our limiting beliefs by realizing: doing requires more than knowing; resisting temptation requires more than willpower (which fades); consistency over procrastination is key no matter how “special” today may be; you will always be better and worse off than someone else; everyone needs help and structure; and expect distractions, challenges, and no permanent state. And finally, there’s no guarantee efforts will be fairly rewarded – but, success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Our environment can either trigger desired or undesired behaviour through the loop: trigger, impulse, awareness, choice, behaviour, and reward. To take advantage, pay attention to feedback in order to use anticipation, avoidance, and adjustment.

Ask yourself what you need to create (self-discipline), preserve, eliminate (self-control), and accept in order to become the person you want to be. Ask active questions emphasizing personal responsibility, i.e. Did I do my best… to set clear goals today? To make progress? To find meaning? To be happy? To build positive relationships? To be fully engaged?


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