Health Motivation from Spiegleworld’s Empire acrobatic show

Last night, I was brought to react-out-loud awe of the human body potential. My boyfriend surprised me with Spiegelworld’s Empire show, described to me as erotic acrobats. It also happened to be hilarious.

Between moments of “wow!” and “oh!” I found myself reflecting a few times that these people are not only physically beautiful but the way they move is extraordinary – meanwhile, I was shifting in my seat uncomfortable near the end of the show. I can’t even sit while these people are balancing and twirling in impossible ways.

Up until now, I’ve been walking for physical and mental health with the occasional bodyweight strength session. I’ve focused more on food because I believed including something unhealthy was worse that excluding something healthy. This show was a bit of a reality check on how out of shape I really let myself get these past few years, and how detrimental that’s really become.

Today, I’ve got my Fitbit on and sweat through Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis level 2 on top of a healthy breakfast and lunch. I was settling for “good enough” but I realize now that’s actually not good enough for me. I have renewed motivation to be comfortable and strong. And sexy 😉


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