Movie Snack Pairings – Mid-life Crisis

In the same way people pair wine to food, I pair food to movies. It’s a very special combination that delivers on so many levels, from entertainment to comfort. For this post, my theme is mid-life crisis. Not always technically mid-life, each of these movies still centre around a American Beautyreevaluation of the protagonist’s life and ultimately a changed course. Everything featured here is available on Netflix.

American Beauty instantly became my favourite movie at the time. Kevin Spacey’s character lets go and frees himself in a way that is both funny and inspiring. A classic in my mind, I pair it with a twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie: soft warm oatmeal chocolate chip cwhile were youngookies and a spoonful of vanilla ice with every bite.

While We’re Young is a newer movie with Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts. They befriend a younger cooler couple and lose themselves in the process. Because it’s about youth, I suggest a trip to the local bulk food store to bag uTiny Furniturep candies you loved as a kid: sour patch kids, fuzzy peaches, etc. Continue reading