Introvert Weight Loss How To

I’ve tried a lot of weight loss advice I later realized was intended for extroverts. The last of these was trying out DietBet which has been proven to be very effective… but I realize now that the comment forum and competition made it uncomfortable and stressful and ultimately backfired for me, actually gaining weight over the 4 weeks. Likewise, I’m a long-time member of SparkPeople, but I’ve given up on trying to benefit from the supportive community I hear so much about because it just ends up being work for me, rewarded only with vague encouragement I don’t quite buy.

Ok, so maybe I’m a particularly jaded loner, but I have a feeling other introverts have come across the same problem: why are all these proven tools harming my efforts instead of helping them?

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Change your story, change your life

Most of what we experience and expect is coloured and shaped by the stories we tell ourselves. If your manager asks you a question, she’s micromanaging. If you feel sad, the situation must be sad. If people are laughing, they’re laughing at you. If your family is overweight, being overweight is your destiny. If a friend gives you a look, he’s annoyed by you. 

There is no way to know for sure unless you ask – and trust the answer – but this may only be helpful with friends. A more practical approach is to simply notice when you might be making an assumption, when you’re thinking something subjective, not based on facts, so you can stop, slow down, and analyze realistically – rather than becoming the querulous colleague people avoid at work.

CBT Framework

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Writing for Good for Me

Younger, I’d spend hours and hours forming another, better world in which I could imagine up a storyline I yearned for my reality.


There are many reasons to get back to writing that excite me in a truly exciting way! Roni of inspires me in how successfully she used blogging to improve her life in many ways. I relate a lot to her story and predict part of what worked for her will in some way help me. Also, Lauren Jawno of Change4Good has delivered very helpful guidance, one of which is the way writing and tracking can keep you aware and accountable.

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