The Diet Fix Reset (Book Summary)

Day 1: Gear Up

  • Body weight scale for the start and finish of the 10-Day Reset
  • Digital food scale
  • Measuring spoons and cups (maybe 2 sets)
  • Journal or food diarizing app
  • First grocery shop: mostly real foods and minimal processed foods (avoid trans-fat) including solid proteins and complex carbs (i.e. whole grain instead of instant oatmeal)
  • Tupperware and Ziplock bags
  • Comfy exercise clothes and shoes
  • Clean and organized kitchen

Day 2: Diarize

  • Record in real time food and exercise without changing anything
  • Track hunger and cravings as well as any emotions or thoughts related to food
  • At the end of the day, rank from 1 to 10 the “day’s degree of difficulty”
  • Use for data, not judgement, to guide future decisions
  • Keep a food journal for at least 30 days – maybe forever for maintenance – and if you try stopping, start daily weighing to keep it within 3 pounds

Day 3: Banish Hunger Continue reading


Let’s Not and Say We Could

The only thing better than a quiet night in with my boyfriend and a good movie is when we do so instead of going to a big gathering of friends or family. There’s something special about getting away with doing my own thing. It’s like a snow day. The absolute best is when I’m canceled on because I don’t feel so bad if I have to cancel on them in the future. 

Now, is this healthy? I’ve been working on being more careful about what I commit to so I don’t end up having to back out and let others down. Sometimes, then, I’ve got days on end where free time is all mine. Too much can get boring, even for a raging introvert like me, and it worries me I’m not involved enough in the lives of my close friends and family.

I like to observe social interactions and listen to other’s innermost thoughts. Most of the time, I’d rather do so via embarrassing reality TV or talking with my boyfriend. Most of the time, alone time is 100 times better than party time. It becomes more precious, more savoury when it is rare, though. I can appreciate it more when I don’t binge on solitude.

So every once in a while, I rest up and put on my smile for the big crowd. I’m never more glad I did than when I’m home, reading a good book and texting a friend how great it was to see them and we should do it again… in a month or two.