Sugar-Free! Day 1

I’m tired after about 7 hours of decent sleep but was able to get up at 6am on Day 1 because I’m committed to Dr. Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution plan. I did 30 minutes of yoga (with Adrienne on Youtube) and felt good, though surprised how limited I was in twisting. By the end of the day, as usual, I was too tired with too much of a headache to concentrate at work. It’s hard not to get depressed when I feel like this so often.

The meals were good: smoothie, soup, veggies and dip, curried tempeh, and a lot of nuts (mmm nuts). The portions are large enough, I’m not hungry, but I do want more just because the act of eating and tasting is such a comforting habit. There were many times when I had to resist cookies, ice cream, even strawberries – and just as much, I had to confront my impulse to rationalize short term relief over long term vitality. I’ve read that if I weren’t addicted to sugar, caffeine, and flour, I wouldn’t think this much about eating. I’m excited to see if this no-sugar diet finally facilitates taking control of my health.


Eating Away Migraines

I’ve had a headache pretty much non-stop since puberty. It’s in the background of everything I think or do. My only respite is the perfect combination of ibuprofen, candy, a movie, and a good hug. My triggers for a higher level of headache include florescent lights, computer screens, noise, even just having to concentrate for too long. In those cases, my vision blurs and I get so irritated I need to curl up in a dark quiet room for hours. It takes a lot out of me, too, so I’m exhausted for the rest of the day.

I tell every health professional about my headaches. They recommend I drink more water even though I already drink so much friends tease me about it (and no, I don’t have diabetes). My search for an underlying cause has led me down a lot of paths and to a lot of bloodwork. Now I’m hoping I may have found my answer in Migraine Miracle by Josh Turknett MD.

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