Sugar-Free! Day 1

I’m tired after about 7 hours of decent sleep but was able to get up at 6am on Day 1 because I’m committed to Dr. Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution plan. I did 30 minutes of yoga (with Adrienne on Youtube) and felt good, though surprised how limited I was in twisting. By the end of the day, as usual, I was too tired with too much of a headache to concentrate at work. It’s hard not to get depressed when I feel like this so often.

The meals were good: smoothie, soup, veggies and dip, curried tempeh, and a lot of nuts (mmm nuts). The portions are large enough, I’m not hungry, but I do want more just because the act of eating and tasting is such a comforting habit. There were many times when I had to resist cookies, ice cream, even strawberries – and just as much, I had to confront my impulse to rationalize short term relief over long term vitality. I’ve read that if I weren’t addicted to sugar, caffeine, and flour, I wouldn’t think this much about eating. I’m excited to see if this no-sugar diet finally facilitates taking control of my health.


These are a few of my favourite meals


Fruit Parfaits are simply the best way to balance taste and health in the morning. They’re also pretty convenient to prepare in advance or grab from a store on the run. Although I enjoy layers, I enjoy saving time more so my parfaits are just the ingredients mixed in a bowl with some health tweaks. Since eggs don’t suit me, Greek yogurt is my best breakfast source of protein: normally 30g for 250 calories when combined with strawberries and Kashi Go Lean.  Continue reading